Fan’s shocking comments on Vaishnavi Chaitanya

It is difficult to withstand the onslaught of celebs when they are out and about. If you want to talk to someone in the audience at the Pony movie event… the tension is what they will say. Recently ‘Baby’ beauty Vaishnavi Chaitanya faced such a strange situation. Anand Deverakonda’s fan gave Vaishnavi an unexpected shock. Recent sensation ‘Baby’ movie is getting decent collections in third week as well. Directed by Sai Rajesh, SKN produced Youthful this entertainer created a sensation in terms of collections. Megastar Chiranjeevi and icon star Allu Arjun himself did successful celebrations, not to mention the range of the movie. Brilliant director Sukumar, Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja and many people from the film industry expressed their reaction through social media.

While on one hand the ‘Baby’ team is enjoying success, on the other hand, a cold war is going on between director Sai Rajesh and Mas Ka Das Vishwak Sen. First, Rajesh said that if he wanted to tell the story of ‘Baby’ to a hero, he didn’t even want to meet, recently Vishvak, who participated in a film event, reacted to it, and recently Sai Rajesh spoke again. Meanwhile, after watching ‘Baby’, Chiranjeevi congratulated the film crew and organized an event called Mega Celebrations himself. Then the team interacted with fans and audience.

A boy who is a fan of Anand Deverakonda said that he connected with Viraj Ashwin’s character very well and he is a similar character in real life and he does not understand why girls cheat. And Vaishnavi made unexpected comments on Chaitanya. Madam, when she saw you, she remembered our lover. (Second Lover.. The highlight is that there are two love stories, one in Tenth and another in Inter). Vaishnavi was shocked as she did not know how to react. The anchor said it was just a character in the movie and cut it off.

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