Skanda First Review: స్కంద ఫస్ట్ రివ్యూ

It is known that a movie titled ‘Skanda’ – The Attacker was made under the direction of Oora Mass director Boyapati Srinu with energetic star Ram as the hero. Srileela is the heroine in this movie, Srikanth and Gautami are also playing key roles. Producer Srinivasa Chitturi is producing this film under the banner of ‘Srinivasa Silver Screen’. It is remarkable that ‘Zee Studios South’ and ‘Pawan Kumar’ are acting as presenters.

Skanda Review, Movie Review

The songs composed by SS Thaman, as well as the teaser, trailer and release trailer got a super response. The film will hit the screens on September 28. It has been a long time since a complete mass film in Telugu. So the expectations on ‘Skanda’ are huge. In this background, the first review of ‘Skanda’ came out. According to that.. In the first half the hero introduction scene but the jail episode will be new.

Skanda Review, Movie Review

Despite the mark elevations of Boyapati Srinu, the screenplay is a bit new. The interval sequence will give goose bumps to the mass audience. And in the flashback episode in the second half, the family scenes are said to be poor. But the plowing fight in Jatara is next level. It is known that the visuals of that fight will hook everyone. Although the climax is routine..

But it will be impressive to the mass audience. It is said that ‘Skanda’, which was pleasing in terms of the first half, got a bit boring in the second half and part of it was routine. But it is said that he acted with more energy than ‘Smart Shankar’ in Ram Oora Mass Avatar. It is reported that the steps taken by him with Srili are also very good. Overall, the talk is strong that ‘Skanda’ will be a feast for the mass audience.


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